These flowcharts give you a visual overview of how to make or respond to a claim about a d​ebt.

    Making a claim

    If someone owes you money, the​ first step is to send a letter of demand. It's worth trying to get​ the money you are owed without the trouble and expense of a court case. 

    For more information, see Making a claim – flowchart​. 

    Responding to a claim

    A letter of demand is usually the first step someone will take to try to get you to pay them money they are owed. If someone is chasing you for money, there are different ways you can respond to their claim. For more information, see Respond​ing to a claim - flowchart.

    Loans and credit card debts

    National credit laws apply to personal loans, credit cards or home loans taken out from a bank or credit provider. If you are struggling with your repayments, received a default notice or a statement of claim, it's important to act quickly. There are different ways to respond to a claim by your lender.

    For more information, see Lo​ans and credit card debts - flowchart.