Sample letter of demand 2

Form assistanceThis is an example of a letter of demand. It is important to write your letter of demand using your own details and based on your own circumstanc​es. If you need more help, get legal advice.

Case study​Case study – Charlie and Kylie

Last year Charlie lent $2,000 to his girlfriend's sister, Kylie. Kylie needed the money to pay her fines so that she could get her driver licence back. The agreement was that Kylie would pay the mone​y back by Christmas, but now it is July and she still hasn't paid. Charlie has broken up with his girlfriend, and Kylie seems to be avoiding him. Charlie needs the money because he is starting a course soon and will only be working part time. Charlie sends Kylie a letter of demand.​​

​Charlie Ling
37 Blue Street
Bathurst NSW 2638

15 August 20xx

Ms Kylie Ransom
12/45 Brown Street
Bathurst 2638 

Dear Kylie,


I am writing to you about the $2,000 I lent to you on 25 June 20xx. On the day I lent you the money we agreed that you would repay the loan by 25 July 20xx.

You have still not repaid any of the loan. I have tried to call you to talk about this but you have not answered my calls or returned my messages. 

I really need the money so I want you to pay it back to me by 31 August 20xx. If you do not pay by then, I will make a claim against you in the Local Court. You might have to pay legal costs and interest as well. 

My telephone number is 02 3838 3333.

Yours sincerely, 

Charlie Ying

Charlie Ying