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Sample letter asking for more information 

Form assistance This is an example of a letter asking for more information. It is important to write your letter using your own details and based on your own circum​​stances. If you need more help, get legal advice.

AlertWhenever you write to the other party, you should make sure that you don't say anything that could be used against you in court. You should double check any money amounts and dates to make sure they are correct. 

AlertIf the debt is with a bank or other credit provider, you have other options. See Resolving your dispute with the bank or credit provider

Case studyCase study - Meena and Fiona

Meena runs a small business from home, doing website design and IT support for other small businesses. One of her clients, Fantastic Florists, has failed to pay her for the last three months work and there is now almost $4,000 outstanding. Meena has sent a couple of reminder letters but there has been no response. She tried to contact Fiona by telephone but could not reach her. Meena sends a letter of demand to Fiona. Fiona writes a letter to Meena to request further and better particulars. ​

Fiona Frame
Fantastic Florists
Shop 7, Blacktown Mall
108 Black Street

26 November 20xx 

Meena Vishwana
12/32 Campbell Street

Dear Meena


I refer to your letter dated 15 October 20xx. 

You referred to an invoice dated 10 August 20xx. I don't recall receiving that invoice. Could you please send me a copy? 

You also referred to services provided by agreement for 20 hours each month. If the invoice doesn't provide a breakdown of the hours and work carried out over the months of May, June and July 20xx, could you please send me a detailed list of the services you provided and the hours you spent on each of these services.

Yours sincerely

Fiona Frame

Fiona Frame