Sample letter to utility provider

Form assistanceThis is an exam​ple of a letter requesting a payment plan. It is important to write your letter u​sing your own details and based on your own circumstances. If you need more help, get legal advice.

Case studyCase study - Azra's electricity bill

Azra received an electricity bill for $900 from Western Sydney Energy Company. Azra and her partner have been experiencing financial difficulty for several months and can't afford to pay the bill. A​​zra is worried that her electricity will be disconnected if the bill is not paid. Azra contacts the energy company and negotiates a payment plan. ​​

22 June 20xx

20 Barbados Street
Auburn NSW 2144

Hardship Manager
Western Sydney Energy Company
1 Blue Street
Blacktown NSW 2148

Dear Hardship Manager,

Request for hardship payment plan for electricity bill
Account Name: Azra Kay Allen
Account Reference No. 900 000 009

I have been in financial hardship because of my changed circumstances. I am currently working on a casual basis and looking for a new job.

I can afford to pay $100 fortnight by direct debit to cover the ongoing usage and arrears. 

If requested, I am happy to provide details of my current income and expenditure to demonstrate my financial circumstances.

Would you please also advise me of any concessions, vouchers and services that I may be eligible for, given that I am experiencing financial difficulty?

Please do not add late fees and charges to my account while I am experiencing hardship. 

If I have not received a response from you within 30 days, I intend to take my request for a hardship variation to the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Azra Kay Allen​