This topic has information about your options for dealing with a fine or penalty notice, including how to pay the fine, what to do if you disagree with it, what happens if you decided to go to court and what you can do if your drivers licence is suspended. For more information about how this topic can help you, see:

    Alert IconT​his topic only deals with fines that have been issued in New South Wales.

    Types of fines

    A fine is a monetary penalty for breaking a law. For example, speeding, littering, or parking. A fine is sometimes also called a penalty notice, infringement notice, on the spot fine, ticket, Criminal Infringement Notice (CIN).

    If you travel on a toll road and do not pay the toll, you will get a toll notice. This is not the same as a fine.

    This section covers:

    • Traffic offences
    • Public transport offences
    • Local council fines
    • Other offences
    • Nonpayment of a toll

    For more information see Types of fines.

    Private 'fines'

    Sometimes you may get a 'fine' from a private organisation, for example, a private car park.

    This section covers:

    • What is a private 'fine'?
    • What can happen if you get a private fine?

    For more information, see Private 'fines'.

    Have you got a fine?

    This section covers:

    • Fines and young people
    • Multiple fines
    • Asking for a review
    • Paying the fine
    • Applying for a Work and Development Order
    • Electing (choosing) to go to court
    • What if I do nothing?

    For more information, see Have you got a fine?

    Alert IconThis section doesn't deal with fines that have been given to you by a court. If you have been fined by a court, see After court.

    Going to court

    If you don't believe that you broke the law, you can plead not guilty and defend the case against you.

    If you want to explain that there is a good reason why you broke the law. You can plead guilty, and ask the court for a smaller fine or no fine.

    This section covers:

    • Electing to go to court
    • Mention
    • Pleading guilty
    • Pleading not guilty
    • Costs

    For more information, see Going to court.

    After court

    This section covers:

    • Paying the court fine
    • Appealing the decision
    • Annulling (cancelling) the decision if you missed court
    • How the decision affects your driving or criminal record 

    For more information, see After court.

    Licence suspensions

    Fines can affect your driver's licence in many different ways.

    This section covers:

    • Unpaid fines
    • Demerit points
    • Speeding
    • On the spot suspensions
    • Appealing the suspension 

    For more information, see Licence suspensions.


    There are flowcharts that show you an overview of the different steps you might take when dealing with a fine.

    For more information, see Flowcharts.

    Who's who in court

    This section shows you what a typical courtroom looks like, who the different people are in the court, and where you should sit when you go to the Local Court.

    For more information, see Who's who in court. ​


    This section lists the forms and documents you may need. It also has instructions and sample forms as well as sample letters and character references.

    For more information, see Forms - Fines.

    The information in this topic was last updated: March 2015.​

    Picture of woman receiving a fine from Council Ranger