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UNIFORM CIVIL PROCEDURE RULES 2005 - REG 4.13 This is the name of the Act, Regulations or Rules
Place for filing

4.13 Place for filing
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(1) Subject to Part 3, a document (other than originating process) that is filed in relation to any proceedings must be filed:

(a) subject to paragraphs (b) and (c), in the same registry as that in which the originating process was filed, or

(b) if the proceedings have been transferred to another court, in the registry for that other court, or

(c) if the court has ordered that documents are to be filed in some other registry, in that other registry.

(2) In this rule, "originating process" does not include any process (such as a statement of cross-claim or cross-summons) by which a cross-claim is made.
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